The: 26.07.2009
The afghan flag is now floating above Noshaq!

On July 19th, at 2.30 pm, after a long and difficult ascent, Malang and Amrudin have finally reached the top of the highest peak in Afghanistan. Fulfilling the expectations of their fellow citizens, the two mountaineers have defied the cold and wind of Noshaq in order to carry the national flag. This is a great message of hope for Afghanistan, conveyed by these two young Wakhis who consider themselves Afghans in the first place, above the ethnical and regional differences dividing their country.

We are now back in the valley, where we have been welcomed in a truly exceptional manner by the local population and authorities. We will soon be leaving to Kabul with Malang and Amrudin to continue and celebrate the event in the capital.

We thank you warmly for your inspirational messages of support and congratulation. We also thank our sponsors, wihtout whom this adventure would have never come through.

Best regards,
The Afghans to the top team

The: 19.07.2009
Afghan flag flies over the Noshaq!

Sunday 19 July, after an ascent of several hours, the top of Noshaq is reached. 2 of 4 Afghans now finally plant the flag of their country at the top of the legendary mountain ...

The: 17.07.2009
Camp 3!

After reaching camp 1 (17,225 feet) and camp 2 (20,000 feet), the team is now ascending to camp 3 at 22,640 feet altitude! The team took two well deserved days off before tackling this important next step. Everybody is in good spirits! 3 of the 4 Afghans have a little bit of a headache but everything will be fine soon.

The weather is generally good during the day with sun and blue skies. But at night, a lot of snow has been falling with strong winds.

The: 13.07.2009
Here we go!

The Afghans to the top team have reached base camp. At 15,290 feet, the 4 Afghan and 4 French are settling into the snow : erecting tents, doing reconnaissance of the area and most of all becoming acclimatised !
Everybody is in good shape and spirits are high, the adventure is starting... The team is now looking at the peak of Noshaq, the highest mountain in Afghanistan,  through the shifting fog...

The: 03.07.2009
Dear Friends

It all started over a cup of tea. Malang said: « Why not going up to Noshaq ? » This was two years ago. Time passed by and the project took shape. Today, we are just about to depart.
We caught up with Afiat Khan, Gurg Ali, Amrudin and Malang in Iskashim three days ago. The Tigers of Wakhan – as they call themselves – are fit and eager to climb the 24,580 feet of Noshaq, the highest mountain in their country. These last days were used to complete the last food purchases, fill the many necessary administrative forms, meet with local authorities and prepare the loads of the 80 porters who will be accompanying us up to the base camp. Jean and Simon, our two guides from Chamonix, will arrive tomorrow from Tajikistan. We will then be ready for the ascent.

The weather is cloudy. The forecast announces difficult conditions, with snow starting at 13,000 feet, which is quite unusual in this season according to the ancient. But we are motivated and well equipped! We will try to post some short news on our website to keep you updated. We will be reachable at night through our sat phone (0088 216 210 110 35).
We thank the numerous persons, companies and institutions, who brought their precious support to this initiative, and without whom this adventure wouldn’t be possible.

Best afghan regards, Khoda Hafiz.
The Afghans to the top team

The: 09.06.2009
Message of support or Sir Chris Bonington!

I wish the four Afghan climbers all success in their great enterprise in attempting to be the first Afghans to climb their magnificent peak, Noshaq. Their mission is both inspirational and a wonderful metaphor for all that needs to happen in Afghanistan to bring their country, so rich in history, back to peace and prosperity.

Chris Bonington

The: 02.06.2009
Message of support from Mr. Nazir Sabir, President of the Alpine Club of Pakistan

I really appreciate your efforts in raising the profile of the Afghan climbers as it will certainly boost their moral. I would like to applaud your efforts and my heartiest congratulations for organizing Afghan Noshaq expedition. This would certainly be a ray of hope for these climbers and for Afghan communities. It will surely spread a message of peace and normality around the world and attract others to return to fulfill their dreams in these wonderful valleys of the Afghan Hindukush. I wish safe climbing, a lot of good luck and success to the team and we’ll be looking forward for the good news!

With best regards,
Nazir Sabir
President of the Alpine Club of Pakistan

The: 09.05.2009
We are just back from the south-eastern face of the Courtes!

During this ascent, the Afghans have shown their physical endurance and their good command of the technics of alpinism.

Yesterday, they were awarded certificates of training in accompaniement in mountain... Their training is about to finish.

They will spend a couple of days in Paris before returning back to Afghanistan. We invite you to meet them on May 12th from 5 pm at the Zango restaurant for a presentation of their project. Come and join us!
* Le Zango (15, Rue du Cygne, Ier arrondissement)

The: 04.05.2009
Rock, snow, ice...

The Afghans are training hard under the supervision of the 2 mountain guides. A few more outings, and the Tigers of Wakhan will be ready for the slopes of Noshaq.

A conference was held in ENSA on May 1st to present the project to friends and jounalists.

The: 30.04.2009
The 4 Wakhi mountaineers have started their training good!

The weather has been bad and snowy so far, but this is good preparation for the Noshaq!

The: 23.04.2009
Gurg Ali, Afiat Khan, Malang and Amrudin are in France!

After years of hard training they are just about to travel to the French Alps and attend one last course to hone their skills in final preparation for their Noshaq expedition.

Two events will be organized while the Four Tigers of Wakhan are in France. We will be presenting the project and screening a short movie:
- Chamonix, May 1st at 5 pm at the ENSA.
- Paris, May 12th (place and time to be confirmed).

The: 27.03.2009
Training in the Alps!

Next month, Malang, Afiat Khan, Gurg Ali and Amrudin will be following a mountaineering course in the Alps... a last training before setting up on the slopes of the Noshaq!

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